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5 Ways to Take Your Guest Bedroom to the Next Level

Your guest bedroom should be a place of relaxation and comfort.
Your guest bedroom should be a place of relaxation and comfort.

Creating a welcoming guest bedroom can be tricky.  Often, the guest bedrooms in our homes get tossed by the wayside.    If you often welcome company into your home, spending some quality time with your guest bedroom may be the next step in making you the Host/Hostess with the “mostest.”

Here are a few tips to help take that neglected guest bedroom to the next level.

  1. Try sleeping in your guest bedroom every once in a while.  Yes, I know.  A daunting task if there ever was one. But, this trick may prove to be super useful.  By spending a night in your guest bedroom, you may notice some quick and easy fixes to spice up the room.  Remember, it’s the little things in life, right?
  2. Accessorize your bed with a variety of pillow options.  This will ensure that no matter what firmness of pillow your guests prefer, they will have an opportunity to find the perfect pillow.  Your annoying aunt and uncle who ALWAYS forget to bring their own pillow will be super appreciative.  Don’t worry Aunt May, I’m not talking to you.
  3. Invest in multiple sources of light.  Try not to have only one side of the bed lit.  No one wants to hear an argument over which side of the bed your guest gets to sleep on.  A happy guest is worth a thousand lamps, right?
  4. Keep the scents to a minimum.  Ever walked into a house and been overwhelmed by the smell of it?  Well, imagine trying to fall asleep in that.  Candles are always appreciated, but offer a variety.  That way, your guests can chose the smell they wish to overwhelm their nostrils with.
  5. Finally, make sure your mattress is up to par.  Yes, I know, beds are expensive.  But, isn’t a happy guest priceless?  At Sleep City, we offer a wide range of mattresses, always at an affordable and competitive price.  I’d recommend a Beautyrest Recharge, for a hybrid mattress that won’t break the bank.  Just ask one of our friendly sales associates to help set you up with the perfect guest bed!

Well, that’s all folks.  For more reading, check our our blog post, How to create an unforgettable guest bedroom.

Cheers and sleep well!

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Bet on Better Sleep Bracket

better sleep championship

It’s that time of year when people lay down money on who will be crowned the NCAA champion after three and a half frantic weeks of college basketball. If you want to sleep better during the frenzy, consider putting your money on a new mattress. To help you make a choice, here’s our very own (smaller and more manageable) Better Sleep Bracket:

better sleep championship

With a little research, you can place your bets on which mattress comes out on top. Watch over the next few weeks as we follow the action between these fierce competitors. With such quality picks, we know one thing for sure: no matter who wins, better sleep is a given.

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What to do with a tax refund? Put your money in your mattress.

what to do with a tax refund

what to do with a tax refundHave you been wondering what to do with a tax refund? While literally stuffing your money into your mattress wouldn’t be a wise investment or make for comfortable sleeping, it’s not a bad idea to put a little money into your mattress purchase. Especially if you’ve got some coming back after this tax season.

When you consider that you spend roughly 1/3 of your life on your mattress, and the time you spend on there can have a direct impact on how the other 2/3 of your life progresses, it makes sense to find a quality mattress.

Here are our Top 5 mattresses that would make a good tax refund investment:

  1.  The Beautyrest Black Brooklyn – One of our most popular mattresses, and for good reason. It falls right in the middle of the comfort spectrum, pleasing a wide variety of sleepers.
  2. The ComforPedic New Life – If you’re looking for a memory foam mattress (as opposed to inner spring), the new line of ComforPedics have all the latest technology. And with a name like New Life, you know its designed to deliver results.
  3. The Simmons TruEnergy Brielle plush firm – Wake up feeling refreshed and energized after a full night of quality sleep. The Brielle TruEnergy combines firm support with a comfortably plush top layer so you have just the right amount of resistance.
  4. The Beautyrest Black Beyond Kelyn – Looking to treat yourself? The Simmons Beautyrest Black Beyond Kelyn will welcome you to the world of luxury with the latest in comfort foams, gel layers, and high-performance pocketed coils.
  5. The Beautyrest Classic Barnum – Yeah, you want an upgrade, but the Black Beyond is a little too Beyond for you. You can trust Simmons’ Classic line of Beautyrest mattresses to provide comfort and durability. The Barnum plush has that pillowtop luxury at a comfortable price.

When you’re contemplating what to do with a tax refund, your best bet might be to go the old-fashioned route and put your money in your mattress. Re-invest in better sleep!

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Is that mattress “the one”? Simplify online mattress shopping

online mattress shopping
online mattress shopping
“Is this mattress as perfect as our relationship?”

Do you believe everyone has a soul mate? A perfect match just out there waiting for them? Okay, admittedly that’s a pretty lofty subject to be talking about, and the only loft we’re really interested in is the type that’s inside your mattress. But, it’s related, because we’re firm believers that there’s a perfect mattress waiting for everyone. And just like so many real-life couples these days, you can find your match online.

Finding the perfect mattress is a lot like finding the perfect relationship — there’s some give and take. In this case, it’s how much give on a mattress you can take. Choosing the best mattress, especially when you’re shopping online, is a big decision and a long lasting commitment (seeing the similarities yet?) as your mattress may be with you for 8 to 10 years. Choose the wrong mattress and you’ll be dealing with more than a few restless nights, painful mornings, and a host of negative side effects that come with not getting great rest.

But choose the right mattress and you could be looking at something that very few people ever see: a good nights sleep.

So how do you identify a great mattress? And more importantly, when you’re online mattress shopping, how do you know that it’s the right one for you? It’s not as hard you might think, and Sleep City has made it a downright comfortable process.

It’s all thanks to their Comfort Levels system.

Sleep City has identified about five different levels of comfort that are common for most mattresses, and they’ve divided those five levels of comfort into ratings from 10 to 100. So what’s the secret to the system? You can read a little more in-depth descriptions of the different ratings here.

Beautyrest Black Mariela Luxury Firm Mattress - For those seeking a firm mattress
Beautyrest Black Mariela Luxury Firm Mattress – For those seeking a firm mattress

10: Most Firm Mattress – Have you ever slept on a cement floor? That’s about what this mattress is like. No flex and give; just an incredibly firm surface. There aren’t many mattresses that fit this level, but it gives you a good place to start comparing.

Beautyrest Black Sonya Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress - For those who want a happy medium
Beautyrest Black Sonya Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress – For those who want a happy medium

20 to 40: Very Firm Mattress – We’ve moved from a cement floor to a wood floor with carpeting. This is incredibly firm, without a lot of give. But for some people, it’s the best mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep. (The Beautyrest Black Mariela Luxury Firm is a good example of a mattress in this category)

40 to 60: Mid-Range Mattress – The perfect compromise between too hard and too soft, this level of comfort might be your best mattress choice if you’re of two minds about a good nights sleep (or if you and your partner can’t completely agree on two different levels). (The Beautyrest Black Sonya Luxury Firm Pillow Top falls right in the middle of firm and soft.)

Beautyrest Black Tatiana Ultra Plush Pillow Top - For those who like soft
Beautyrest Black Tatiana Ultra Plush Pillow Top – For those who like soft

70 to 90: Soft Mattress – If your answer to the question, “How soft is too soft?” is, “What do you mean there’s a too soft?” then this might be the category for you. This is all about fluff and plush, letting you sink into your mattress on  your way to dream land. (Try the Beautyrest Black Tatiana Plush Pillow Top for a mattress with a lot of give.)

100: Super Soft Mattress – Sleeping on a cloud is generally a  figure of speech meaning comfort, but for this type of mattress it might almost be literal. These mattresses have very very little resistance. There’s not a lot of mattresses at this rating, but it’s a good place for comparison.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start shopping for your perfect mattress — we know it’s out there waiting for you.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2013 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness September 2017.
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Simmons President’s Day Mattress Sale!

ComforPedic mattress sale

ComforPedic mattress saleThe Simmons Presidents Day mattress sale at is going on now through February 18. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old mattress, take advantage of the discounts on Beautyrest Black, ComforPedic, and TruEnergy. These models feature some of the latest technology from Simmons as well as 20 to 25-year warranties.

Right now you can save up to 25% and up to $300 off your mattress purchase. Need some new sheets or pillows to go with your new bed? How about another 17% off?

Beautyrest Black mattresses are the luxury flagship of the Simmons fleet. The Advanced Pocketed Coil system forms the basis for the Black mattress, with additional GelTouch and AirCool Memory Foam layers cushioning your body and relieving pressure. The pocketed coils provide superior motion separation so you won’t feel your partner shifting around.

The ComforPedic models are Simmons highly-rated, all memory foam mattresses. However, Simmons has made significant improvements to traditional memory foam. Their AirCool foam with GelTouch beads is more responsive than the industry’s standard foam, which means you can easily change position and get comfortable. Plus, the ComforPedic beds are engineered to move warm air away from your body while you sleep, so you stay cool and comfortable all night.

Beautyrest Black mattress sale
Don’t let the Presidents down. Get better sleep on a new mattress.

Simmons’ TruEnergy line was designed to help you recharge every night so you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. These mattresses also feature personalized back support and spine alignment.

We’re pretty sure that if we were to poll the Presidents, nine out of ten would agree that all Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of a good night’s sleep. Therefore, we’re pretty sure the Presidents are encouraging you to make your life better by buying a new mattress at an impressively low price during the Simmons Presidents Day mattress sale.

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Free Box Spring Event means now is the time to buy

Free Box Spring Event

Free Box Spring EventHave you been considering a new mattress but not quite ready to take the leap? During the Free Box Spring Event, get a free box spring with any TruEnergy, Beautyrest Black, or ComforPedic Advanced mattress. You can even save up to $400 on a NuFlex adjustable foundation.

There are some purchases you don’t make on a whim. A mattress set is typically one of them, especially if you’re ready to invest in a luxury mattress. You want to do your research and carefully consider your options. Of course, you also want the best deal possible.

There’s good news for those of you waiting for the right deal or the right time to buy a mattress. The Free Box Spring Event lasts from now through January 2, 2013. With the purchase of select mattresses, you can get a free box spring or up to $400 off a NuFlex adjustable base.

Why buy from Sleep City during the Free Box Spring Event?

In addition to a free box spring, Sleep City offers other perks to make your mattress an even better bargain.

  • No sales tax
  • Free delivery
  • Free bed frame and pillows
  • Additional discounts at checkout

Several of our blog posts have covered the benefits of different mattresses. The Free Box Spring event is specifically for a few of our most popular mattress lines. Let’s take a look at those qualifying products:

  1. Beautyrest Black mattress – Simmons’ luxury line features AirCool memory foam and GelTouch layers so you can experience superior motion separation and pressure relief. A 20-year warranty guarantees that a Black mattress will last for years to come. You can find a Beautyrest Black in almost any comfort level from extra firm to ultra plush pillowtop.
  2. Beautyrest TruEnergy mattress – Keep your spine in line with the personalized back support you find in the TruEnergy line. Special coils respond to your unique shape and movement. Well-designed ventilation keeps air moving. They call it the Recharge Sleep System because you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.
  3. ComforPedic Advanced mattress – New memory foam production techniques mean the foam in the ComforPedic mattresses are more responsive to your movements and better at keeping you cool throughout the night. This line of memory foam mattresses conforms to your body for pure comfort.
  4. NuFlex Adjustable Foundation – The best sleep position isn’t always lying flat. And you might want to use the most comfortable spot in your house for work or relaxation. In that case, you need the NuFlex adjustable base. The remote control lets you elevate the bed to just the right position for sleeping, reading, working on a laptop, or catching up on your favorite TV show. Handy outlets and pockets let you keep your electronics and reading materials nearby and fully charged. There are lots of reasons to love the NuFlex adjustable base, and $400 off might be the biggest reason of all.

Don’t miss your chance to get a Free Box Spring with the best mattress models available!

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Bed Basics: Compare mattress upholstery (part 1 of 2)

Sleep City comfort layer foam
Sleep City comfort layer foam
Mattress foam comfort layer.

As we mentioned in a previous post, when you compare innerspring mattresses, you’re really looking at three basic components: coils, upholstery, and foundation. Upholstery refers to both the fabric covering the mattress and the layers of foam and cushioning inside the mattress. We’ll start by taking a look at the inside layers, which include insulator, support, and comfort layers.

An insulator layer in a mattress is the least glamorous position. The goal of the insulator layer is to separate the comfort foams from the springs. Usually a mesh style fabric covers the coils, possibly with another layer of cotton or batting on top of that. These layers will also help keep the comfort foams from shifting over the life of the mattress.

Support layers help determine the feel to the mattress. Is it firm to the touch, plush on top of firm, or plush all the way through? Support layers can be made of the same material as comfort layers but may be thicker or rated for different densities.

Which brings us to everyone’s favorite part: the squishy, resilient, and sleep-inducing materials that make up the comfort layers. The latest trends in mattress construction involve memory foam, latex foam, and a gel layer. But poly-urethane or visco-elastic foam are also common. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Sleep City mattress comfort
Memory foam conforms to shape based on heat and weight.

Memory Foam

Great for cushioning, cradling, and pressure relief. Probably best as a thinner layer over the top of a firmer support layer. Higher density foam means higher quality, so look for 5.0 lbs per cubic foot or more. The “sink” factor can make it feel more difficult to change positions. First few generations didn’t breathe as well as other materials, so may sleep warmer than other materials. (Simmons created AirCool Memory Foam in the Beautyrest Black mattresses to combat this issue.)

Latex Foam

Molds well to the body. Both supportive and cushioning, so offers great pressure relief. Durable and resilient. Can find in both a denser, firmer style (Dunlop) and a springier style (Talalay). Most breathable type of foam, so regulates temperatures better than other foam options. More expensive than other foam options.

Polyurethane Foam

Must be High Resilience 2.5 lbs per cubic foot (HR) polyfoam to be durable enough as a comfort foam layer. Highest quality polyfoam performs similarly to latex but isn’t very common. Not as durable as memory or latex foams. Best used as a support layer rather than a direct comfort layer.

gel touch layer
The Simmons TruEnergy mattress features a top GelTouch comfort layer.

Gel Layer

New mattress technology, typically found in higher-end models. Great pressure relief, contours closely to the body while also providing support for areas that don’t settle as heavily on the mattress. Works well with a firmer support layer. Especially good for people who sleep warm; dissipates heat and regulates temperature very well. (Simmons’ Beautyrest TruEnergy mattresses have a GelTouch layer that conforms very well to the body shape and keeps you cool throughout the night.)

Natural Fiber

Can include wool, cotton, and hemp. Best for people who sleep in a single position as they need a “break-in” time and don’t adjust as well to position change as foam layers. Extremely durable. Regulate sleeping temperature very well due to natural breathability.

Many innerspring mattresses offer a combination of layer materials, with a focus on one in particular. When you compare mattress upholstery layers, take into account how you sleep. If you move around a lot, memory foam and natural fiber may not be for you. If you sleep hot, the gel layer may be a lifesaver. If you have questions, call our trained sales staff. They’ll be happy to explain the differences in comfort layers from model to model.

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Bed Basics: How to compare mattresses

innerspring mattress layers
innerspring mattress layers
Taking away the mystery: how to compare mattresses.

Before you head out shopping for a new bed, make sure you know how to effectively compare mattresses. With all the terminology surrounding mattress marketing (coil counts and torsion grid foundations and a million kinds of foam), it’s hard to know what makes a quality mattress. Well, here’s your guide to comparing apples to apples when you’re mattress shopping. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll stick with innerspring mattresses, since that’s what about 90% of US consumers purchase (as opposed to fully foam mattresses, waterbeds, or air beds).

Simmons advanced pocket coils
Compare mattresses based on coil type, not necessarily coil count or wire thickness.

There are three main components that will help you compare mattresses from different manufacturers: coils, upholstery layers, and foundation. Coils refer to the spring system inside the bed. There are several different ways mattress manufacturers will shape the wire and arrange it within the mattress. Each style of spring has its own benefits and drawbacks. The initial feel of the mattress may not be much different from coil type to coil type, but the lifespan of the mattress and its response over several hours of sleep could be markedly different. You’ll hear some manufacturers talk about their continuous coil and higher coil count, while Simmons mattresses, use a pocketed coil that results in great motion separation. To choose what kind of coil system you want, think about what’s most important to you during sleep. Firm feel? Lots of give? Contoured cradling? Not feeling your partner flop around? (Stay tuned for a post comparing the main types of coil systems in innerspring mattresses.)

Simmons mattress foam layers
Upholstery includes all the foam layers between the springs and the outer fabric.

Upholstery layers don’t just refer to the quilted finish that you promptly cover with a mattress pad and some sheets. Or wish you didn’t have to cover, like the cashmere on the Beautyrest Black  mattress. Upholstery includes the layers of comfort materials between the coil system and the top of the mattress. Here again, you’re faced with a huge number of choices: gel, latex, memory foam, polyurethane foam, or, most often, some combination of these. And again, each type of foam has its pros and cons. Think about how much cushioning you like when you lay down. Do you want to sink a bit, or would you prefer a more solid surface? Also, how hot do you get while you sleep? Some foams are better at breathing and keeping your body temperature stable overnight. Of course, do consider the final layer of fabric. A soft yet durable cover can help your mattress stave off the inevitable wear and tear. (More information to come in another post about types of upholstery layers.)

Compare mattresses on foundation
The foundation is an important part of your mattress comparison process.

The foundation refers to the box spring, platform, or grid that supports your mattress. In addition to improving the lifespan of your mattress, the foundation adds to the supportiveness. It displaces weight across the surface of the mattress, so you don’t get the saggy spot where you settle in every night. Box springs are very common, but a more solid wood platform or a wood and steel frame are other options. Consider your bed style when you’re looking at foundations. If your bed is already high, you may want to consider a lower profile foundation so getting into bed doesn’t require pole vaulting. (And, as you may have guessed, there will be another post detailing foundation options).

Mattress shopping can get overwhelming fast. In order to compare mattresses with the best results, make a list of what you want in a bed before you go shopping. Think about what you like and don’t like with your current mattress (or what you liked about it when it was new). And keep in mind that with all the buzz words you hear, it comes down to three basic components: coils, upholstery, and foundation.

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The History of Sleep – from bear skins to Beautyrest

how the simmons beautyrest mattress came to be

Ever wondered what kind of technological advancements it took to develop the Simmons Beautyrest? No? Well, then, maybe you’ve wondered what kind of beds notable historical figures like Columbus, King Tut, or Bonnie and Clyde slept on? Still no? Okay, maybe you just need a few more random facts for trivia night.

Just in case you were wondering, cavemen didn’t have the luxury of memory foam and gel layers like you’ll find in the Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy or the Beautyrest Black mattress collection. No, those poor souls finally got around to elevating their beds off the ground (where the drafts blew and the critters collected) around 10,000 B.C.

Once humans learned how to domesticate animals and grow crops, they settled down into structured societies, and beds improved drastically. In fact, the wealthier and more important the individual, the more elaborate his or her bed. When William Shakespeare died, he bequeathed his “second best bed” to his wife. While we modern folk interpret that as a slap in the face, at the time, the best bed was typically reserved for guests, so he was thoughtfully ensuring his wife had a comfortable place to sleep. In any case, it was worthy of mention in a will.

Enjoy this timeline of mattress history, and may it bring you some points on trivia night.

how the simmons beautyrest mattress came to be
From bear skins to Beautyrest
From bear skins to Beautyrest
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Recharge Yourself with the Recharge Sleep System

Recharge Sleep SystemRecharge Yourself This Labor Day with the Revolutionary “Recharge Sleep System”

Tired of feeling tired all the time? How does being fully charged sound instead? This Labor Day while you’re relaxing, it is also the perfect time to get serious about your sleeping set-up, especially if what you have just isn’t cutting it.

Whether it’s back pain, joint pain, or waking up overheating, there’s an amazing mattress out there that’s changing lives, and it’s the 3-in-1 “Recharge Sleep System” from Beautyrest. It contains three of their exclusive mattress technologies, making it one of the most advanced mattresses ever made.

From a foam overlay that includes a built-in cooling system to Beautyrest’s popular “Independent Support Technology” for the ultimate in support, here’s a look at why getting fully restoring sleep has never been more possible.

Memory foam takes care of joint pain: Many of us wake up each night because of discomfort. Whether it’s the bed itself causing the uncomfortableness or our bodies being brats (gotta love getting old), a mattress that is continuously comfortable all through the night can mean the difference between getting a solid night’s sleep vs. a night that’s broken up.

What’s great about Beautyrest’s Recharge Sleep System is that it includes their “AirCool” Memory Foam, which keeps the body at an ideal sleeping temperature because of the memory foam’s open cell structure, which helps dissipate heat that builds in your bed as you sleep.

The foam is also great because it hugs your body and conforms to your shape, making it perfect for pressure point relief.

Brilliant coil-support:

Beautyrest is known for making some of the highest quality coil mattresses you can purchase, and this mattress technology is an integral part of their Recharge Sleep System. Dubbed “Independent Support Technology,” it includes two design features that make it better than other mattresses.

One aspect is its barrel-shaped lower section that provides progressive layers of personalized support, and the top of the mattress is tapered, so the moment you hit the mattress you’re in heaven.

And if you’re a big fan of bodily support, you can also get this technology with their ComforPedic Mattress, which has hundreds of sculpted cushions that respond independently to your shape and movement.

Never overheat: Nothing can be more frustrating than waking up hot. Whether you have a stuffy bedroom or your body runs warm, the AirCool design is another aspect of the Recharge Sleep System that makes it unlike any other mattress.

It includes a foam encasement for your mattress and has a ventilated design (to enhance airflow through the mattress). Not to miss a beat, it also has high-tech “AirCool Mesh Border Fabric” that helps the mattress breathe. Also, you can get this technology in several of their beds, including their luxe Beautyrest Black Mattress.

The future is here when it comes to advancements in sleeping technology, and the Recharge Sleep System is at the head of the pack.