Recharge Yourself with the Recharge Sleep System

Recharge Yourself with the Recharge Sleep System

Beautyrest Black or Black Hybrid

Recharge Yourself This Labor Day with the Revolutionary “Recharge Sleep System”

Tired of feeling tired all the time? How does being fully charged sound instead? This Labor Day while you’re relaxing, it is also the perfect time to get serious about your sleeping set-up, especially if what you have just isn’t cutting it.

Whether it’s back pain, joint pain, or waking up overheating, there’s an amazing mattress out there that’s changing lives, and it’s the 3-in-1 “Recharge Sleep System” from Beautyrest. It contains three of their exclusive mattress technologies, making it one of the most advanced mattresses ever made.

From a foam overlay that includes a built-in cooling system to Beautyrest’s popular “Independent Support Technology” for the ultimate in support, here’s a look at why getting fully restored sleep has never been more possible.

Memory foam takes care of joint pain: Many of us wake up each night because of discomfort. Whether it’s the bed itself causing the uncomfortableness or our bodies being brats (gotta love getting old), a mattress that is continuously comfortable all through the night can mean the difference between getting a solid night’s sleep vs. a night that’s broken up.

What’s great about Beautyrest’s Recharge Sleep System is that it includes their “AirCool” Memory Foam, which keeps the body at an ideal sleeping temperature because of the memory foam’s open cell structure, which helps dissipate heat that builds in your bed as you sleep.

The foam is also great because it hugs your body and conforms to your shape, making it perfect for pressure point relief.

Brilliant coil-support:

Beautyrest is known for making some of the highest quality coil mattresses you can purchase, and this mattress technology is an integral part of their Recharge Sleep System. Dubbed “Independent Support Technology,” it includes two design features that make it better than other mattresses.

One aspect is its barrel-shaped lower section that provides progressive layers of personalized support, and the top of the mattress is tapered, so the moment you hit the mattress you’re in heaven.

Never overheat: Nothing can be more frustrating than waking up hot. Whether you have a stuffy bedroom or your body runs warm, the AirCool design is another aspect of the Recharge Sleep System that makes it, unlike any other mattress.

It includes a foam encasement for your mattress and has a ventilated design (to enhance airflow through the mattress). Not to miss a beat, it also has high-tech “AirCool Mesh Border Fabric” that helps the mattress breathe. Also, you can get this technology in several of their beds, including their luxe Beautyrest Black Mattress.

The future is here when it comes to advancements in sleeping technology, and the Recharge Sleep System is at the head of the pack.