The History of Sleep – from bear skins to Beautyrest

The History of Sleep – from bear skins to Beautyrest

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Ever wondered what kind of technological advancements it took to develop the Simmons Beautyrest? No? Well, then, maybe you’ve wondered what kind of beds notable historical figures like Columbus, King Tut, or Bonnie and Clyde slept on? Still no? Okay, maybe you just need a few more random facts for trivia night.

Just in case you were wondering, cavemen didn’t have the luxury of memory foam and gel layers like you’ll find in the Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy or the Beautyrest Black mattress collection. No, those poor souls finally got around to elevating their beds off the ground (where the drafts blew and the critters collected) around 10,000 B.C.

Once humans learned how to domesticate animals and grow crops, they settled down into structured societies, and beds improved drastically. In fact, the wealthier and more important the individual, the more elaborate his or her bed. When William Shakespeare died, he bequeathed his “second best bed” to his wife. While we modern folk interpret that as a slap in the face, at the time, the best bed was typically reserved for guests, so he was thoughtfully ensuring his wife had a comfortable place to sleep. In any case, it was worthy of mention in a will.

Enjoy this timeline of mattress history, and may it bring you some points on trivia night.

From bear skins to Beautyrest