Warranty Information

The mattress you purchased has a manufacturer’s warranty.  The warranty protects against any manufacturing or material defects specified in the warranty card.  The terms and conditions of the warranty vary by manufacturer and are explained in detail in the warranty information card attached to your mattress.  If the warranty card is not present on your mattress, or if you do not understand any portion of the warranty, please contact Sleep City and we will supply one for you or answer any questions you may have.  

The warranty is offered by the manufacturer and the manufacturer reserves the right to determine if your mattress meets the criteria for warranty replacement. If approved for warranty replacement the customer is allowed to select a mattress of equal or lesser value.  No cash back.

Body impressions are normal in all mattresses (up to 1 ½” on innerspring and ¾ on select specialty foam mattresses). If you feel your mattress exceeds “normal” body impression depth or meets the other warranty criteria defined in the warranty card, please contact the Sleep City Sales Team and we will assist you with the warranty process. Again, the warranty belongs to the manufacturer but are here to help assist you through the process.

All mattresses must be stain-free, and in a sanitary condition to be eligible for warranty replacement.

If you receive a warranty replacement your original date of purchase is the start of the warranty for both the original mattress purchase and the replacement.  For example: if you purchase a mattress and it has a 10-year warranty but you need to make a warranty claim 8 years in. Your replacement mattress would only have 2 years left.

Sleep City does not have the right or authority to honor the manufacturer’s warranties.