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Top Five Kids Mattresses

Top 5 Kids Mattresses

  Most parents would agree that quality sleep is vital for children. The parents who do understand the importance of sleep also take the proper steps to ensure their child gets the ample rest they need – ie: keeping the room dark and quiet, following the same routine every night, or even using white noise more »

better sleep championship

Bet on Better Sleep Bracket

It’s that time of year when people lay down money on who will be crowned the NCAA champion after three and a half frantic weeks of college basketball. If you want to sleep better during the frenzy, consider putting your money on a new mattress. To help you make a choice, here’s our very own more »

good sleep habits

Bad sleep, good sleep: what is sleep hygiene?

We’ve offered the term a few times before, but we’ve never really gone into what “sleep hygiene” really is. Now, before you head for the shower or try to clean your mattress, sleep hygiene doesn’t mean the same thing as personal hygiene. Sleep hygiene is what professionals call the routine that you follow before you more »

ComforPedic mattress sale

Simmons President’s Day Mattress Sale!

The Simmons Presidents Day mattress sale at sleepcity.com is going on now through February 18. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old mattress, take advantage of the discounts on Beautyrest Black, ComforPedic, and TruEnergy. These models feature some of the latest technology from Simmons as well as 20 to 25-year warranties. Right now you more »

get better sleep

3 ways to hack your sleep schedule

Getting to sleep on a schedule can be tough. For most people, this involves getting up to get to work at 8 a.m., and keeping enough time at the end of the night to spend time with family, clean up the day’s clutter, catch up on your favorite TV shows, dive into a hobby, or more »