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How do I choose the right pillow

How Do I Choose the Best Pillow?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the correct pillow.  After all, you do spend 1/3 of your life using them.  Below are some tips that can be applied as a good starting point when choosing a good, comfortable pillow. Experts say comfort is your primary consideration, but it shouldn’t be the only factor to more »

Geisha sleeping pillow

The History of the Pillow

Finding the perfect pillow is hard, but I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been going through stacks of hay to find the perfect bundle to sleep on.  Throughout history, pillows have evolved nearly as much as mattresses have, and they can tell us quite a bit about the history of sleep as well. more »

Woman and Snooze Button

Just Say No

We all know how to cheat the sleep system with that wonderful snooze button, but here’s a few reasons why you may want to reconsider hitting it tomorrow morning: I am a morning person.  I love to wake up early and get my day started.  I’m famous for being a chipper, productive, and even excited more »

Sleepy Garfield

Celebrate Garfield with Good Sleep

Okay, so it’s been 35 glorious years since Garfield was first published and as we all know, our favorite cat sure loves his naps.  While the benefits of a good night’s sleep are irreplaceable, taking the right kind of naps can be almost as helpful to your body and mind as getting that full 8 more »

The art of mattress shopping

The Confusing Art of Mattress Shopping

So, you’ve made the decision. It’s time to upgrade your mattress . Whether you’re a first time mattress shopper ready to upgrade from your college full size or a seasoned mattress shopping veteran, it can be really perplexing. In this blog we’ll help you decipher the how’s and why’s of the mattress industry and how more »

Sleep City

Sleep City Receives the Hunger’s Hope Award from the Montana Food Bank Network

Jed and Jennifer Heggen, owners of Sleep City, have been given the Hunger’s Hope Award from the Montana Food Bank Network Missoula, MT – November 15, 2012 Jed and Jennifer Heggen, owners of Sleep City, have been unanimously selected for this year’s Hunger’s Hope Award from the Montana Food Bank Network. The Hunger’s Hope Award more »

Dr. Scholls Technogel Pillow

Have You Seen the Dr. Scholl’s™ Technogel® Pillows? These Things are COOL!

When I think of Dr. Scholl’s, I immediately think of insoles and foot pads.  I had in no way connected Dr. Scholl’s™ with pillows!  In an exciting partnership with Technogel®, Dr. Scholl’s ™ has introduced a superior pillow collection with a surprising cooling effect that gives individuals a supportive level of comfort that doesn’t heat more »

Sleep City

Our Sleep City Blog

Yes, we are in the business of selling fluffy white boxes.  We know that as children we all wanted to go to the mattress store and jump from bed to bed doing cartwheels and back flips.  Just once we wanted to sneak in at night and bounce all over the store.  This blog is devoted more »