Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite. . .

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite. . .

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Buying a mattress protector is helpful in more ways than one, especially against these nasty insects.  Many people think bed bugs are generally a thing of the past, but I am here to tell you that that common thought may not be completely accurate, and here’s why:

Last year, my father took my younger brother to a camp for baseball.  The camp was located in a very small town and therefore had limited hotels and motels to choose from.  Ultimately, they ended up staying at a small, cost-efficient motel.  The morning after the first night, they woke early to get ready for a day filled with America’s favorite past-time.  Soon after the alarm went off, they started feeling itchy.  They noticed small rashes on their legs and arms.  After a few hours of consideration—and denial—they finally accepted that they had been visited in the night by bed bugs.

In the past few years, bed bugs have been making a substantial reappearance in the lives of citizens living in even the most developed countries.  The most recent studies ( say that bed bugs have been reported in all 50 states.  In fact, 99.6% of pest controllers state that they have run into a bed bug infestation in the past year.

Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed.  They have a reddish brown coloring and feed up to seven times their body weight on the blood of warm-blooded mammals—including human beings.

Bed bugs generally wait until early morning to crawl out of the cracks and crevices of their surroundings to feed on the blood of the nearest warm-blooded creature.  Generally, bed bugs will feed for an average of 5 minutes, every week or so.  Interestingly, the more well-fed a bed bug is, the shorter its life span becomes.  A short while later, the bed bug’s victims will feel the need to itch at the area that has been affected.  Thankfully, a mere irritation is the most harm a bed bug will inflict on you.

Bed bugs generally travel on objects carried from infested areas, such as luggage.  While in the past bed bugs have mostly been present in the hotels of developing countries, they are becoming increasingly present in cheap hotels in Europe and the U.S., and have even been found in expensive hotels.  One study claims that they are most commonly found within the U.S. in residential settings, such as “apartment/condominiums, and single-family homes” (Bed Bug Facts and Statistics).

The most effective way to clear out an infestation of bed bugs is to simply throw out the infested furniture.  For a more thorough explanation of getting rid of bed bugs, read this wikiHow article:  Mattress Protectors are a great way to defend against pests such as bed bugs and dust mites alike.  Be sure to check out our extensive mattress protector section to find the one that works best for you. For some folks, it might be too late for protection and they will need to purchase new bedding. If you’ve been a victim of bed bugs and you need a new mattress you might consider looking into the new Comforpedic by Beautyrestor our Beautyrest Black line.

Cheers and sleep well.