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A good night's sleep may prevent Alzheimer's

Sleep Could Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

At Sleep City, we are always dedicated to getting you the sleep you deserve, whether that means finding you the perfect bed, or informing you on the latest in sleep news.  And now we have even more incentive!  According to Forbes, a new study has found that a good night’s sleep tonight may help prevent more »

Sleeping Student

Sleep Tips for Students

Summer is nearing its end, and the start of the school year is upon us.  While most students are merely dreading Hamlet, Russian History, or even that summer math assignment that they procrastinated until the night before, what they may forget is that the start of every new school year brings another issue:  an impending more »

good sleep habits

Bad sleep, good sleep: what is sleep hygiene?

We’ve offered the term a few times before, but we’ve never really gone into what “sleep hygiene” really is. Now, before you head for the shower or try to clean your mattress, sleep hygiene doesn’t mean the same thing as personal hygiene. Sleep hygiene is what professionals call the routine that you follow before you more »