How to create an unforgettable guest bedroom

How to create an unforgettable guest bedroom

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Simple touches create a warm welcome.

If you’re going to be known for anything, being a great host can’t be beat. And a sure-fire way to get that reputation is by giving your guests an amazing guest bedroom. There are so many things you can do to create a drool-worthy guest bedroom, too, from adding calming décor to giving your guest surprises they’ll love. Here are some fabulous ways to create a guest bedroom you’ll be remembered by.

The décor

If you’ve just decided which room to dedicate as your guest bedroom, or you’re redecorating and want to amp up the ambiance of your existing guest room, go with soothing colors – blues, light greens, and neutrals – to make the room inviting and calming after a long day of visiting or sight-seeing. When you’re expecting guests to arrive, make sure to tidy the room, dust and vacuum if necessary, and open the windows to let in fresh air. Wall art and a few comfortable, serviceable pieces of furniture are a must, but try to keep the room as uncluttered as possible so guests can move around and settle in with ease.

Nice surprises

No guest bedroom is complete without some extra touches that make it feel like home. One of the easiest things to add to any guest bedroom is fresh-cut flowers, which give your room a bright, welcoming feeling. And make sure to give your guests all the things they may need throughout their stay. A bedside table is a great place to add all things they may need at night, such as a water carafe, an alarm clock and tissues.

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A comfortable chair, a bedside table, and a great bed make your guests feel at home.

While you may not always have the space for a seating area, see if you can fit a comfortable chair and small table or nightstand. You can provide reading materials (up-to-date magazines and newspapers), transit schedules (if public transportation is available), spare keys to your home, and a pen and paper. It’s also nice to put a luggage rack in the room, as well as extra hangars for your guests’ clothes.

And of course no guest bedroom is complete with some late-night, or morning, munchies. Granola bars, fresh fruit, bottles of water, and an automatic coffee maker all work.

If your guest bedroom has a bathroom, put out extra towels and sample size toiletries. Want to go a little high-tech? Motion sensor lights are a nice touch in this room, but make sure you forewarn your guests.

And the mattress

What good is a pretty guest bedroom without a comfortable bed? The bed is an often overlooked part of a guest bedroom, when it should be considered one of the most important parts. Instead of opting for a standard or low-quality mattress or simply handing down your well-used mattress when you upgrade, choose a great guest bedroom mattress and pillows (you may even finding yourself using it every once in awhile).

And to give your guest bed a lush feel, add fresh sheets, ironed pillow cases, and a comforter or quilt that’s the appropriate weight for the season. And don’t forget to put out extra blankets (you never know when your guests might get cold).

Treating others how you’d like to be treated is the golden rule, and this applies perfectly to the world of guest bedrooms.