Empty Nest? Upgrade your guest bedroom mattress!

Empty Nest? Upgrade your guest bedroom mattress!

When your kids have all flown the coop, one of the best things is all the extra space they leave behind. While you could hop the trend and do something really funky with the extra room, like create a yoga or art studio, why not go the classic route and finally create the room for visitors, complete with an upgraded guest bedroom mattress, you’ve been wishing you could offer your house guests all these years?

Out of everything you brainstorm—the artwork, the soaps in the bathroom, the magazines by the side of the bed—the most important thing you should consider before anything else is the guest bedroom mattress. Guest bedrooms are notorious for having mattresses so bad that guests’ backs will hurt weeks after they’ve left. Don’t let this happen to you. Nobody wants to be known as a person with the guest bedroom mattress from Hell.

But the good news? You don’t have to break the bank if you want to put something better just any old mattress in your newly designed guest bedroom. There are quite a few mattress options available that are universally appealing in function AND price.

Here are a couple of models that are perfect for the guest bedroom mattress.

Firmness and affordability unite in the Mazatlan

What’s great about the Mazatlan mattress from Simmons is that it’s a Beautysleep. That means it has the individually wrapped coils this mattress style is known for, which give amazingly good support. These coils also separate the motion between two people sharing the mattress, so if one is a restless sleeper, the other won’t feel the movement as much during the night. And the Mazatlan Beautysleep mattress provides very firm support, which is great for back support. Also…since this mattress is one of the best prices you’ll find on something of this quality, with a Twin starting at $379, the pricing for the Simmons Mazatlan mattress makes it perfect for a guest bed purchase.

Low price on the high-tech with memory foam, the Altona

If you plan on having lots of guests throughout the year, spending a little bit more on your mattress probably won’t hurt.  If you want to offer your guests a bed that has some of the latest advancements in mattress technology, but at a price that isn’t too sky-high, definitely check out the Beautyrest Altona Plush Mattress. This mattress offers a medium sleep surface and has Beautyrest’s super pocketed coil springs.  What’s really exciting, though, is that the Altona has Transflexion Comfort Technology, so your guests will be comfortable the moment they hit the mattress. It also has Visco memory foam, which will support your guests’ spine and body through the night. One more bonus—this mattress never needs to be flipped.

It feels good to host friends and family in your home, and your guests will appreciate great sleep. These mattresses make sure your visitors have a comfortable, supportive surface without breaking your budget.