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Sleeping Man Holding PDA

The Link Between Texting and Sleep Disruption

While sleep texting has minimal long term issues (other than embarrassment), it could be considered a side effect of a larger issue that revolves around sleeping and cell phones.  Two Washington and Lee University students, Maia Robbins and McCauley Massie, are working with their psychology professor, Karla Murdock, to better understand the effects of cell phone use more »

sleeping in space

NASA’s 70 Day Sleep Study

In a perfect world, we would all be able to sleep for as long as we pleased.  Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world.  But, don’t get discouraged just yet.  Fortunately for us, NASA has just announced that they plan to spend $18,000 on a new 70 day study…about sleep! NASA’s plan for the study more »

Fetal Position Bed

The Weirdest Accessories for Sleep (Part 2)

After more research, I’m back with more of the most awkward accessories for sleep.  Last week, we covered duvets and travel accessories.  This week, we are on to much more exciting things:  beds and pillows! Inspired by last week’s Ostrich Pillow, I set out to find a few even weirder pillows, and what do you more »