The Weirdest Accessories for Sleep (Part 1)

The Weirdest Accessories for Sleep (Part 1)

Sleeping Student

Throughout the past few weeks I have been slowly collecting a few of what I think are the weirdest inventions to help you sleep better.  While there is undoubtedly a vast realm of other weird inventions to improve your sleep, here are some of my favorite.

So, let’s start with some of the less bizarre:  Bedding!

  1.  The Buon Apetito Duvet– This duvet is probably the weirdest of the duvets I have looked at.  It is designed specifically for those of us who like to take our midnight snack in bed.  Of course, no one likes to eat their snack and then have to crawl into a bed riddled with crumbs!  In all honesty, this is the most frustrating thing about eating in bed (which you shouldn’t do anyway if you are trying to establish good sleep hygiene).  Fortunately, the creators of this duvet have your problem solved.  A duvet plus a napkin designed for a full lobster dinner? Genius! Pure genius.  You’ll never go hungry in bed again!
  2. Trampoline Bedding – This duvet may be targeting a younger crowd, but you can be honest, who doesn’t love using their bed as a trampoline?  Unless you’ve upgraded to memory foam, that is.  But, for those of us still utilizing our pocketed coil mattresses, this duvet may be the best thing since sliced bread.  It looks just like a comfy trampoline.  Remember those sunny summer days, after a long afternoon of jumping, when you and your best friend just laid down on the trampoline and took a nap in the sunshine?  Wasn’t that the best?  Well, with this bedding you can have all that and more!  The perfect combination of two of everyone’s favorite childhood pastimes, jumping on the bed and jumping on the trampoline.  
  3. Last but not least, Smart Bedding– This may actually be the most useful thing since the invention of the online search engine.  Smart Bedding is specifically designed to save you time in the morning.  In fact, according to their Kickstarter campaign, Smart Bedding will save you an average 30 days worth of making your bed.  By connecting the top sheet to the duvet, you are able to make your bed in one efficient swoop.  You can visit their Kickstarter and learn more here.
Now on to..(drum roll)… Travel Accessories.
  1. The Upright Sleeper– Similar to wearing a neck brace, the Upright Sleeperkeeps your head… upright!  I can certainly attest to that awful falling feeling that occurs when you sleep sitting up.  As your chin slowly falls off balance while resting precariously on your fist, or the car suddenly jostles and your perfectly balanced head falls off of the hold you have made out of your seat belt.  The list goes on.  Finally, someone has developed a contraption to solve the issue, and although people may be worried that you are a scarily intelligent cannibal, you will never again experience the “falling head” problem.
  2. Sky Rest – The Sky Rest pillow starts out small and then inflates to fulfill all of your travel needs for good sleep.  While this contraption does have a very awkward appearance, I can’t help but think that it may be super useful on a long plane ride.  Similar to the Upright Sleeper, the Sky Rest keeps you from experiencing the falling sensation that often occurs while sleeping upright.  While this pillow was primarily designed to be used on a plane, it can be used anywhere that you may need to sleep sitting up!  In addition, Sky Rest makes an array of pillows designed to support the rest of your body when laying down is not an option.
  3. And for the Grand Finale, the Ostrich Pillow

Stay tuned for next week’s installation.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to find some other accessories to outdo these (although that’s going to be tough)!
Cheers and sleep well.