The Weirdest Accessories for Sleep (Part 2)

The Weirdest Accessories for Sleep (Part 2)

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After more research, I’m back with more of the most awkward accessories for sleep.  Last week, we covered duvets and travel accessories.  This week, we are on to much more exciting things:  beds and pillows!

Inspired by last week’s Ostrich Pillow, I set out to find a few even weirder pillows, and what do you know?  I found them!  So, let’s get going…

  1. Tissue Dispensing Pillow – This pillow is exactly what it sounds like.  If you are a chronic crier or seem to always be sick, then this pillow is exactly what you need.  While the tissue aspect of the pillow could potentially be the most annoying thing to have touching your face while you sleep, at least you would not have to wake up in the middle of the night sleep-searching for the tissue box to blow your nose.
  2. Girlfriend Lap Pillow/Boyfriend Arm Pillow– Although to my knowledge these pillows have no official affiliation, I’ve lumped them together because, well, they are equally creepy and weird and have obviously been created from the same general idea.  While the Boyfriend Arm Pillow was made famous by Glee, the lesser known Girlfriend Lap Pillow is equally desperate and exponentially more creepy.  Created in Japan, the Girlfriend Lap Pillow is apparently very popular, which only makes me more uncomfortable.
  3. Body Pillow– This is not your ordinary body pillow.  Designed to conform to your entire body, this pillow provides maximum support, especially if you enjoy feeling somewhat trapped.  *Warning:  not a good pillow for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia.  See also:  Vertical Bed.

And finally, on to the good stuff:  beds.

  1. Vertical Bed – Similar to the Body Pillow, this bed completely forms to your body to give you enough support to actually sleep standing up.  While there are a few suspected health benefits to sleeping upright, it is nearly impossible for human’s to do as a result of physical limitations.  That being said, with this bed you can experience all  of the suspected health benefits, and it would be a pretty cool thing to tell friends.
  2. Phat Knit – This bed is conceptually intriguing, albeit I do have a feeling that it would give you a gnarly back-ache.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it would probably not provide the same sort of pressure relief as a TempurPedic Mattress, for example.  That being said, you have to appreciate the creativity of it.
  3. Fetal Position Bed– I like being in the fetal position just as much as the next person, but I can honestly say that this bed does not look appealing to me at all.  In fact, this bed is bound to give you the worst night’s sleep out of all three of these strange beds. If you’re interested in this bed, just be sure not to roll over!This brings us to the end of Part 2 of our latest series of blog posts.   Hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride.  While each of these products shows an amazing amount of creativity and innovation, at Sleep City we believe that the best way to achieve a great night’s sleep is to find the best bed for your sleep needs, and sometimes that just means going with a tried and true mattress.  Although our beds are slightly more standard than these beauties, they are far from normal.  From a pocketed coil Beautyrest Black to a hybrid TempurPedic, we have the mattress selection to help you achieve a great nights of sleep.  Be sure to visit our online mattress showroom to find a bed designed perfectly for you from our own innovative minds at Simmons Beautyrest.Cheers and sleep well.