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It’s Monday and everyone needs a laugh

It’s Monday morning.  You are sitting at your desk, staring out the window at the beautiful summer day.  You yawn lazily and check your watch, thinking to yourself, I wish I had gotten more sleep last night.  Perhaps you need a new mattress or pillow to help make your Mondays more bearable? Or… perhaps you just need more »

Women and Sleep Deprivation

Women and Sleep Deprivation

A recent study conducted by Duke University has concluded that sleep loss more negatively affects women than it does men.  While this belief is not new, Duke has finally been able to point to particular symptoms of sleep deprivation that affect women specifically.  According to, sleep deprivation can put women at “a higher risk of heart more »

Rotating Bed

A fun post about the Llove Exhibition

While researching for this blog, I usually end up stumbling across some pretty insane articles regarding either mattresses, sleep or some other related topic.  Today, I came across a particularly interesting article about an actual mattress sculpture. This sculpture was featured in the Llove Exhibition, a hotel exhibition located in Tokyo, alongside a number of other more »

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The History of Simmons Beautyrest

Since Zalmon G. Simmons’s initial idea in 1876 to manufacture and mass produce the woven wire mattress, Simmons has been revolutionizing the mattress world.  From this point forward, people have consistently benefited from the innovative minds behind Simmons Beautyrest. In 1889, as a result of Simmons’s new manufacturing process, the price of beds dropped dramatically from $12 to more »

Recycle your mattress

The Benefits of Mattress Recycling

It’s about that time.  Your bed is sinking in the middle, the pillowtop you once loved just isn’t what it used to be and you are consistently waking up around 3:00 in the morning.  It may be time to break up with your mattress.  But, before you can do that, another issue must be resolved:  more »

Beds, Pillows, and Dust Mites

Beds, Pillows, and Dust Mites

One third of one’s life is generally spent in a bed.  Each week of that life, an average human sheds about one fifth of an ounce of dander (you know, the skin flakes and other miscellaneous things that fall off of your body?).  Well, dander happens to be the preferred food of those microscopic dust more »