The History of Simmons Beautyrest

The History of Simmons Beautyrest

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Since Zalmon G. Simmons’s initial idea in 1876 to manufacture and mass produce the woven wire mattress, Simmons has been revolutionizing the mattress world.

In 1889, as a result of Simmons’s new manufacturing process, the price of beds dropped dramatically from $12 to 95 cents, effectively allowing more people to get a great night’s sleep.

With the turn of the century, James Marshall patented the famous wrapped coil springs, Unfortunately, these springs were significantly more expensive to make, and were generally only found in the beds of “luxury liners such as the Titanic” (History of Beautyrest).

Thankfully, John Franklin Gail, one of the best engineers Simmons had employed at the time, invented a machine to coil and wrap individual coils without the use of manual labor, significantly decreasing the cost of wrapped coils.  This machine led to the unique Pocketed Coil design, which kept the springs in a mattress separate from each other rather than attached, as they had been in the past.  In effect, these wrapped springs allowed for the springs in a bed to move independent of each other, making sleeping with another person much more bearable.  With this, the Simmons Beautyrest mattress was born, the same mattress that Eleanor Roosevelt promoted a mere two years later and into the 1930’s.

Shortly before the 60’s, Simmons was the first mattress retailer to introduce king and queen size mattresses into American culture, gaining recognition from not only Life Magazine, but a number of other national publications as well.  Again, the minds behind Simmons Beautyrest had

revolutionized what Americans had previously thought about mattresses and sleep.

After another 37 years of making revolutionary mattresses, Simmons introduced the well-known “Bowling Ball Mattress” advertising campaign that was brought back by popular demand in 2005.

Since the beginning, Simmons has been dedicated to creating the most innovative mattresses for maximum comfort.  Since the creation of the Beautyrest line, Simmons has supplied the Westin Hotel and Resorts with the HeavenlyBed, moved into the realm of luxury mattresses with the Beautyrest Black, and changed the face of memory foam with their AirCool Memory Foam and AirCool design.

Today, Simmons continues to inspire health and wellness with their Recharge Campaign.  They urge customers to “Live Life Fully Charged,” with each of their “finely tuned Beautyrest mattresses.”

Cheers and sleep well.