It’s Monday and everyone needs a laugh

It’s Monday and everyone needs a laugh

Sleeping Student
Nothing Really Mattress

Nothing really mattress

It’s Monday morning.  You are sitting at your desk, staring out the window at the beautiful summer day.  You yawn lazily and check your watch, thinking to yourself, I wish I had gotten more sleep last night.  Perhaps you need a new mattress or pillow to help make your Mondays more bearable? Or… perhaps you just need a laugh, something to take your mind off of another monotonous Monday.

Well, I am here to help you out.

I have diligently spent my morning researching funny videos involving mattresses.  Here are a few of my favorites… Mattress SalesmanDog on Air Mattress

Hopefully you’ve never had a creepy mattress salesperson like the one above.  At Sleep City, we only offer expert service, no joke.

Here’s another one (my favorite)…

Now I’m tempted to go buy a dog and an air mattress just to see what happens.

And one more…

Mattress commercials, amirite?

Happy Monday!

Cheers and sleep well.