Finding the Perfect Mattress

Finding the Perfect Mattress

The Perfect Mattress

We have so many people call or walk in our showroom overwhelmed by where to start when looking to purchase a new mattress. Some are not happy with their current mattress, some are dealing with medical issues, and some just know it is time to update the old mattress they have been sleeping on for 10+ years. I haven’t always known as much as I do about the mattress industry. In fact, before I started working at Sleep City I was on the search for a new mattress myself. At first I was intrigued by the hype of “bed in a box” mattresses until I had a chance to lay on a few myself to compare. I found traditional mattresses to be much more comfortable and supportive so I let go of the hype and started my real mattress buying journey.

The quest to find the perfect mattress may be one of the most daunting tasks I have ever done. Many would say that’s why we wait so long between buying mattresses. I want to share my personal experience looking for the perfect mattress prior to working in the industry. I am fairly new which gives me a unique perspective and also allows me to common ground with a large percentage of people who walk through our door, chat with us on the web, or call with questions about where to start. Navigating the world of mattresses can be overwhelming, as I discovered during my own quest to find the perfect one. With various preferences and considerations, the search can feel like an action movie – highs, lows, and unexpected twists.

My personal revelation came when I tested each different comfort level and mattress brand available. I started to realize the importance of paying attention to the little details that contribute to relaxation. I walked around the store looking for “THE Perfect Mattress” and wondered whether I even knew what I was looking for. Right then, I began to realize that I don’t even know what I like: Firm, soft, maybe something in-between. That’s when I found a couple of firm mattresses that I loved. I didn’t want to get too committed because I hadn’t even tried the soft mattresses in the corner. After laying on the softer collections I thought to myself, “these feel fantastic”.

Fast forward to an hour or two later realizing what I needed had nothing to do with firm or soft but had everything to do with my preferred sleeping position and my need for movement while I sleep. I wanted the support of the firm mattress and the comfort of the soft.

It wasn’t until I tried each bed pretending I was having a sleepless night. After rolling around on each mattress trying out my preferred sleeping styles I figured out which bed was perfect. I recommend this tactic because we all have sleepless nights tossing and turning, not knowing how to shut the ol noggin off… This made me realize the little things your bed can do for you. I relaxed in every position imaginable, even with tossing and turning! Yes I was the guy in the showroom spinning around on each mattress like I was an insomniac trying to fall asleep. For me it took that process to find the perfect mattress.

The “K-Class Plush PillowTop” became my oasis of comfort. A pillow of relaxation with unwavering support that my body needed. I was so happy to find the right one until I realized one important thing…

Just as in any great adventure, the plot thickened when I introduced my significant other to my chosen mattress. Her different needs added a new layer to the quest, emphasizing the importance of picking a bed together. It’s not about a one-size-fits-all solution but finding a bed that suits both your unique preferences and needs. My wife and I have similar tastes in beds but just a few differences; she has lower back and hip issues, meaning she needs something with stability while keeping the same level of comfort. We all have different hobbies, jobs, commutes, and stress levels. That’s what makes picking out a bed with your significant other is important! When you find that perfect bed together, there is no better feeling than knowing that at the end of every day, both of you are enjoying the same bed for a few different reasons, and it’s perfect for both of you! In our case we were able to stick with the K-Class Plush PillowTop but decided to add a split adjustable base to allow my wife the opportunity to adjust her head and feet slightly to alleviate any pain coming from her hip and back. She loved this option for reading at night before bed as well.

To those embarking on their mattress journey, I share this advice: embrace the adventure, communicate openly, and know that the ideal bed is waiting to bring you comfort and relaxation night after night.

Happy mattress hunting!

If you know what you want because you have already picked out your perfect mattress give us a call 877.246.7533 or jump on a chat with us today. We are known for saving our customers time and money. If you have no idea where to start let me help you begin the process by narrowing things down. You don’t need to lay on every bed in the mattress industry like I did…or maybe you do. Either way let us be part of your journey.

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