Beautyrest Black Series Four

Beautyrest Black Series Four

Simmons Beautyrest Black Series Four Medium Summit Pillowtop Mattress

The 2024 Beautyrest Black collection is a true testament to the fusion of luxury and innovation that will redefine your sleep experience. This new line, replacing the B Class, L Class, C Class, and K Class mattresses from the 2022 collection, offers four distinct levels: Series One, Series Two, Series Three, and the standout Series Four. While the names may not be flashy, the features and benefits of these mattresses are sure to impress you!

When a renowned company like Simmons Serta Bedding, established in 1870, claims the 2024 Beautyrest Black line as the epitome of sleep luxury, it’s not just a claim. It’s a promise backed by years of industry expertise and customer satisfaction. Having personally experienced these mattresses, I can vouch that their claim is not mere marketing but a testament to their superior quality.

Discerning shoppers for a luxury mattress believe that natural and lush materials are important. They associate zone support with more restful sleep and look for esthetics that denote true premium quality in a mattress.

The 2024 collection delivers the most advanced combination of esthetics and technologies with upgrades through each level. Everything about these mattresses screams lavishness and grandeur. 

Each level of the 2024 collection offers unique advantages. I found the Series Four to be the most comparable to my current mattress, which is why it stood out, as I love it.

  • The fabric on the Series Four is soft, cool, and opulent, and it is said to provide comfortable cooling that lasts all night long. Comparing the previous and newest models side-by-side allows you to feel the difference in cooling technology right at the surface. It keeps the sleeper cool throughout the night, not just a cool sensation when first getting into bed. Because I was in a showroom, I cannot tell you it does, but it was noticeably cooler to the touch than other luxury mattresses I tried. 
  • Immediate pressure relief is powered by Surface Touch Gel memory foam that contours your body and provides personalized support and pressure-point relief, while Micro Diamond memory foam, infused with actual diamond particles, transfers heat away from your body. As a woman in her, let’s say, mid-fifties, I cannot express enough the importance of a cool, breathable mattress!
  • As in the past, the 2024 Beautyrest Black Collection touts Beautyrest’s premiere support system, the exclusive Triple-Stranded (T3) Pocketed Coil Technology. The Series Four also includes new 4K Nano Coils, an upgrade for premium and conforming support.  There is discernable additional support in the middle third of the mattress, where many carry most of our weight. When lying on the mattress in my normal side-sleeper position, I could feel the difference in support in the various zones. A plus for me is the motion separation it provides.  I’m a light sleeper and require the room to be dark and cool and for there to be no motion transfer felt from my husband changing sleeping positions. This mattress provides that autonomy.

I currently sleep on a Beautyrest Black K-Class mattress, the top-of-the-line in the 2022 Black Collection. Like the 2022 version, Beautyrest Black 2024 Edition is designed to provide advanced temperature management, individualized support, and motion.  The enhanced 2024 version includes foam upgrades for succulent pressure relief and cooling technology. There is nothing wrong with my current mattress. In fact, I sleep better on it than I have on any other mattress, including those in upscale hotels. Since purchasing my Beautyrest Black two years ago, I no longer experience lower back pain or sore hips from poorly supported pressure points. Even though I love my current mattress, the 2024 Beautyrest Black Series Four is a significant step up, making this discerning shopper want to upgrade!