Is that mattress “the one”? Simplify online mattress shopping

Is that mattress “the one”? Simplify online mattress shopping

Sleeping Student

Do you believe everyone has a soul mate? A perfect match just out there waiting for them? Okay, admittedly that’s a pretty lofty subject to be talking about, and the only loft we’re really interested in is the type that’s inside your mattress. But, it’s related, because we’re firm believers that there’s a perfect mattress waiting for everyone. And just like so many real-life couples these days, you can find your match online.

Finding the perfect mattress is a lot like finding the perfect relationship — there’s some give and take. In this case, it’s how much give on a mattress you can take. Choosing the best mattress, especially when you’re shopping online, is a big decision and a long lasting commitment (seeing the similarities yet?) as your mattress may be with you for 8 to 10 years. Choose the wrong mattress and you’ll be dealing with more than a few restless nights, painful mornings, and a host of negative side effects that come with not getting great rest.

But choose the right mattress and you could be looking at something that very few people ever see: a good nights sleep.

So how do you identify a great mattress? And more importantly, when you’re online mattress shopping, how do you know that it’s the right one for you? It’s not as hard you might think, and Sleep City has made it a downright comfortable process.

It’s all thanks to their Comfort Levels system.

Sleep City has identified about five different levels of comfort that are common for most mattresses, and they’ve divided those five levels of comfort into ratings from 10 to 100. So what’s the secret to the system? You can read a little more in-depth descriptions of the different ratings here.

10: Most Firm Mattress – Have you ever slept on a cement floor? That’s about what this mattress is like. No flex and give; just an incredibly firm surface. There aren’t many mattresses that fit this level, but it gives you a good place to start comparing.

20 to 40: Very Firm Mattress – We’ve moved from a cement floor to a wood floor with carpeting. This is incredibly firm, without a lot of give. But for some people, it’s the best mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep. (The Beautyrest Black Mariela Luxury Firm is a good example of a mattress in this category)

40 to 60: Mid-Range Mattress – The perfect compromise between too hard and too soft, this level of comfort might be your best mattress choice if you’re of two minds about a good nights sleep (or if you and your partner can’t completely agree on two different levels). (The Beautyrest Black Sonya Luxury Firm Pillow Top falls right in the middle of firm and soft.)

70 to 90: Soft Mattress – If your answer to the question, “How soft is too soft?” is, “What do you mean there’s a too soft?” then this might be the category for you. This is all about fluff and plush, letting you sink into your mattress on  your way to dream land. (Try the Beautyrest Black Tatiana Plush Pillow Top for a mattress with a lot of give.)

100: Super Soft Mattress – Sleeping on a cloud is generally a  figure of speech meaning comfort, but for this type of mattress it might almost be literal. These mattresses have very very little resistance. There’s not a lot of mattresses at this rating, but it’s a good place for comparison.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start shopping for your perfect mattress — we know it’s out there waiting for you.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2013 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness September 2017.