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Hello mattress shoppers,

Who am I?

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Hillary and I started working with in July 2016. I am very new to the mattress industry and to I recently got married and my husband and I are in the market for a new mattress. This gives me a unique perspective coming from both the consumer side and someone who is being trained to be an expert in the field.

Since I started working for I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would know about the mattress industry. Yet there is still so much to learn. It is my mission to explore the mattress industry to its core and learn for myself what makes each product unique. I want to share with all of you the truth about the mattress industry. Because I am young and new to the industry I am not biased and will give the whole truth.


I’ve worked with for about 5 months now and I can safely say Sleep City is vastly different from most mattress retailers. What I like most about Sleep City is no one has the attitude of a pushy salesman just trying to get a big sale. Everyone at Sleep City wants to help you find the mattress of your dreams at the right price. Sleep City cares about their customers. If you give us a call at 877-246-7533 we will listen and give you appropriate options with your needs in mind.

Sleep City’s sleep experts are truly experts. I’m not an expert yet but I am well on my way there. Every sales expert goes through extensive training on all Simmons Beautyrest and Simmons Beautysleep mattresses. Along with this extensive training on mattresses, sleep experts within the company keep themselves updated on the latest news in the mattress industry. We study sleep health and anything sleep related so we can better serve you.

What you can expect

Over the next couple months I will be trying out the Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Collection starting with the Simmons Beautyrest Black line and posting detailed mattress reviews. In the future I will continue with the Simmons Beautyrest Platinum and Platinum Hybrid Lines.

I am hoping to make your mattress shopping experience as easy as possible with these reviews and future posts.

Purchasing a mattress can be a difficult process. At Sleep City it is our mission to help you find the mattress of your dreams and provide excellent customer service from initial shopping to final delivery.