How to make a bed fast

How to make a bed fast


In the absence of your own personal maid, you need to learn how to make a bed fast. Unless everyone just loves flapping sheets around and plumping pillows. Don’t let hotel staff members be the only folks who can make a bed in record time. While you may not have hundreds of beds to make in a three-hour period as they do, being able to make your bed in a matter of minutes can save you loads of time (especially if you are expecting some heavy guest room use in the near future). From having properly fitted bed linens to centering everything as you make your bed, here are all the best secrets to making a bed faster than saying “abracadabra.”

#1. Proper sized bedding

One of the best things to know when learning how to make a bed fast is to make sure all of your bed linens – the fitted sheet, the top sheet, the blankets, the comforter, everything you put on your bed – are the right size for your mattress size (if you have a queen size bed for example, make sure your sheets and comforter are meant for that same size). Then you’re not spending extra time tucking in extra fabric or trying to stretch that top sheet just a little further.

#2. Tuck fitted sheet

The first thing to do when making your bed quickly is to start with your fitted sheet and to tuck one corner of it under your mattress (at the top of the bed).  After tucking it under the corner, next, reach across the bed to pull the fitted sheet tightly and tuck it under the opposite corner from where you are standing. Finish putting it on by going to the other side of the bed and doing the same motion. The more you can do without moving around the bed, the more time you save. Got short arms? Try bringing a small step stool with you.

#3. Center the top sheet

Next, time to put on the top sheet. Before you get started with this back up a few steps. When you take your sheets out of the dryer, fold them in half the long way, so you get a nice line down the center of the sheet (head to toe rather than side to side). For the fastest top sheet method, start by laying it on the center of the bed. Look for the center fold in the middle of the sheet, and use it as your guide. This way you can make sure the sheet falls evenly over each side of the mattress right away, without you having to go back and re-do it.

#4. Tuck the bedspread (comforter) with the top sheet

Before you tuck that top sheet under the mattress, lay your bedspread or blanket over the top. Then tuck them both at the same time. By tucking your bedspread in this similar manner, you can put on your bedspread and top sheet at the same time, saving you a step.

After you’ve put on your sheets and bedspread, you can finish off your lightning-speed bed-making by topping your bed with your pillows (rather than trying to get them neatly underneath your sheets). As long as you like your pillowcases, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Now see? Wasn’t that easy?