Memory foam topper vs. New mattress

Memory foam topper vs. New mattress

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Mattress toppers are a quick and (generally) less expensive way to add a little extra cushion to your bed, and memory foam is one of the most popular materials in a topper. But how do you know when it’s right to choose a topper or when it’s time to start with a whole new mattress? We’ve got a few tips to help you make a decision in the memory foam topper vs. new mattress debate.

Scenario 1: Your extra firm mattress that you thought might solve your back pain problems still leaves you tossing and turning.  The solution here: memory foam topper. If your mattress is just a few years old and structurally sound, but too firm for your ideal comfort level, a topper can add the cushion you need. If you have questions about the best mattress toppers for your specific needs, you can give us a call or use the Live Chat feature to ask a Sleep Expert about different options.

Scenario 2: Your plush mattress feels too soft. The Solution: It depends. Because, It is harder to fix a mattress that is too soft then it is to fix a mattress that is too firm, you need to determine if your mattress feels a little too soft or extremely soft. A memory foam topper, specifically a latex foam topper is naturally firmer than memory foam and can help a mattress that is a little bit too soft, feel firmer and more supportive. If your mattress is extremely soft and you sink in too much then you will still sink in even with a topper and you will need to look into getting a new mattress.

Scenario 3: You’ve had your mattress for 10 years or so, and there are some saggy spots. The solution: a new mattress. When your mattress starts to develop indents or sags, a topper won’t solve your problem. Instead, you and the topper will sink into the holes. If budget is a concern, look at the  Beautyrest Harmony Lux line. They’ve got the high quality and durability you expect from a Simmons mattress, and prices start at a budget-friendly $1,449.

Scenario 4: Your bed surface is comfortable, but you get overly warm at night. You think maybe a memory foam mattress topper will improve airflow. The solution: a memory foam topper. Memory Foam has come a long way since it first hit the market in the mid 90’s, and you can reduce overheating at night with a gel memory foam topper which captures and distributes heat. Although a gel memory foam topper can help with overheating, if you get overly warm at night and your mattress matches with scenario 3 then a  new mattress would be the best solution. New mattress technology, like what you see in the new Beautyrest Black mattress models, combines gel, memory foam, and the conductive properties of diamond technology to specifically aid airflow so you won’t overheat at night.

Scenario 5: The mattress in your RV is just not doing the job. The solution: memory foam topper. (Unless you live in your RV.) You’re probably not sleeping in your RV enough to warrant a new mattress. Keep it comfortable for your occasional use with a topper.

Scenario 6: You want a luxury mattress without paying the luxury price, so you’re thinking of combining a bargain mattress with a topper. The solution: a new (mid-range) mattress. The reality is, a quality memory foam topper will cost at least a few hundred dollars, and a bargain mattress’ lifespan is short. So in five years, you’ll be looking for another mattress/topper combo. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get the luxury feel you’re looking for. Plus, a nice, quality, durable mattress will last twice as long as your average bargain find.

Before you decide memory foam topper vs. new mattress, think about the real problem you’re trying to solve. If if you’re simply in need of a little extra cushion, that memory foam topper looks like the right choice. But if you need quality support for night after night, a new mattress is the way to go.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2013 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness April 2017.