ComforPedic Mattress Collection by Simmons

ComforPedic Mattress Collection

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Simmons ComforPedic mattress collection from Beautyrest is designed to provide a cool comfortable sleep, pressure relief and proper sleeping posture. When you purchase a Simmons ComforPedic mattress from Sleep City you can expect:

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Simmons improved on the design of traditional memory foam mattresses by adding AirCool Memory Foam, gel layers and TruTemp Technology with the NEW ComforPedic mattress collection.  These memory foam mattresses are designed to keep your body temperature comfortable while you sleep and make it easy for you to change position.

The new ComforPedic mattresses use gel microbeads embedded in the layers of memory foam. Heat easily transfers out of the mattress through the beads.  Start living your life fully charged and feel the difference of ComforPedic by Beautyrest.

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ComforPedic Mattress Collection by Beautyrest

There are three innovative technologies offered in the NEW ComforPedic line.

  1. AirCool Memory Foam - Compare Advanced AirCool Memory Foam to traditional memory foam and you will agree that it not only responds more quickly to your movements, but also dissipates heat to help keep you at your ideal sleeping temperature and provides pressure point relief.
  2. Micro GelTouch - Gel touch beads are embedded throughout the memory foam for an extra cooling sensation and increased conform-ability. Hundreds of sculpted cushions respond independently to your shape and movement for personalized support.
  3. TruTemp Technology – Our gel touch beads are filled with a space age technology called TruTemp which helps to regulate sleeping temperature.  Avoid getting overheated in the middle of the night and sleep at your perfect tempuature all night long.

Enjoy superior freedom of movement from the Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System, plus personalized back support that helps you achieve proper sleeping posture all night long. The AirCool Design also offers a ventilated edge system along with a breathable mesh fabric, ensuring a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

New Comforpedic In-Store Names
Alive Luxury Firm – In-Store: Advanced Rest
New Life Plush Firm – In-Store: Renewed Energy
Nourishing Comfort Plush – In-Store: Balanced Days and Lavender Dream
Enlightened Days Luxury Plush – In-Store: Restored Spirits

New ComforPedic Mattress Sets

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