Why Adjustable Beds Can Be Great for Couples

Why Adjustable Beds Can Be Great for Couples

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While “a comfortable couple is a happy couple” isn’t an old wives’ tale, it should be. The right bed can truly make or break a couple. While most people think of king-sized beds with pillow-top mattresses, 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, and plush down comforters when they think of an “ultra-comfortable bed,” adjustable beds are an option that should be added to the list.

No one likes being uncomfortable, or worse, in pain when they’re in bed with the one they love. Adjustable beds provide an exciting, workable solution. Your bed should be the most comfortable thing you lounge on on a given day, and there are dozens of bed and mattress options available for adjustable beds.

There are also loads of perks for couples, other than the obvious (raising your head and feet) when it comes to adjustable beds. They’re no longer used in high numbers just by senior citizens. Stylish versions are attracting a younger generation. From cutting down on snoring to helping couples watch their favorite Netflix shows together in total comfort, here’s how an adjustable bed can be almost as healing to a relationship as a Friday “Date Night.”

Couple comfort: Joint and back pain are a fact of life no matter what age it seems nowadays, and adjustable beds can help ease pain by providing pressure relief. Instead of surrounding yourself in a sea of pillows to get comfortable, unreachable by your partner, elevating your head and feet even an even small amount can do the trick. You’ll be able to get comfortable without the hassle of the pillows, which can get in the way of intimacy (let alone be a pain in the butt to get into position in the first place).

Easier for all kinds of media watching: Couples trying to view different media sources together is another reason an adjustable bed is so nice for couples. Laptops, iPads, televisions, and even regular paper books; all forms of media can be more easily viewed when you have the ability to comfortably sit up in your bed, making each of you happy. Also, having the head elevated while watching a movie puts you in a great position for some side-by-side cuddle time.

Sleep quieter: How many times have you felt guilty keeping your partner awake with your snoring? Being a good bed partner is so important when it comes to having a relationship with no resentment. If either person has a snoring problem, an adjustable bed can cut down on snoring by changing your air path (and in many cases, it can even get rid of snoring entirely). For many people with snoring issues, a small elevation in the head is all it takes to stop them from snoring.

Couples seeking nocturnal harmony need only look to adjustable beds for an answer. They’re not only one of the most comfortable beds you’ll ever lay on, they really can be a true relationship saver.