Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Soft Euro Pillowtop Mattress Review

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Soft Euro Pillowtop Mattress Review

Lux Estate Soft Euro Pillowtop

After 177 years in business, Stearns & Foster has more than established itself as a company that manufactures quality products. G.S. Stearns and Seth Foster originally started the company to create high-end upholstery for horse carriages but quickly realized that the quality that went into creating carriage upholstery could also be used to create mattresses. When modern mattresses were still largely made from cornhusks, straw, or other lumpy materials stuffed into cloth and burlap bags, the upholstered mattress was truly a world-changing invention. Today, the Stearns & Foster upholstered mattress has gone from fairly basic to luxurious and extravagant, which is obvious the second you lie down on the new Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Soft Euro Pillowtop mattress.

Soft & Supportive Mattress

As soon as I stretched out on the Lux Estate Soft Euro Pillowtop, I let out a very audible “Oh, wow!” that my coworkers promptly responded to with an enthusiastic “Right?!”. Yes, we’re all thrilled with this mattress. The Lux Estate Soft PT provides a perfectly soft and cushy surface for you to sleep soundly on. These mattresses look beautiful with their deep blue fabric and perfectly contrasting stitching; everything inside is also of the highest caliber. The signature IntelliCoil Innerspring system provides the perfect balance of comfort and long-term support while the PrecisionEdge system ensures that both edge-sitters and edge-sleepers can feel secure knowing that their mattress will maintain their shape and structure from edge to edge over the years.


Speaking of coils, even the pillowtop has a layer of steel micro-coils! This means that your pillowtop layer will always feel the same throughout the life of your mattress, rather than breaking down and feeling flattened out or lumpy after the first couple of years. This also means that lightweight sleepers will get most, if not all, of their support from the pillowtop layer rather than putting any stress on the support system of the mattress itself, which ultimately means a longer life for your bed.

Supportive Latex Comfort Layer

A few layers down into the comfort system is the Supportive Latex Comfort Layer. You’re allergic to latex, you say? Not to worry; the Stearns & Foster factory that makes the latex puts it through a process that strips it from all of the proteins that cause an allergic reaction. Not to mention, it’s four layers down, which puts it at a safe distance from your skin and lungs. Latex is naturally buoyant, antimicrobial, and extremely durable, making this a support layer and a comfort layer.

Memory Foam Layer

Next up is the TempurIndulge Memory Foam layer. This isn’t the same foam you find in TempurPedic mattresses, but it is still made with the same highly scientific process that is used in TempurPedic mattresses. The key difference is that the TempurIndulge memory foam is pressure- and shape-sensitive, but it is not temperature-sensitive. This means that the foam will adapt to your body as you move throughout the night, but it won’t absorb the surrounding ambient temperature or your body heat, allowing it to spring back to its original shape quickly.

Why Stearns & Foster?

I absolutely love this Stearns & Foster mattress for more reasons than those listed above. Maybe the best thing about Stearns & Foster is that every single element of every mattress is made right here in the US. They take quality control seriously and not a single mattress leaves the factory without being thoroughly inspected and signed by an inspector. You can rest easy knowing that your mattress was made with care in the United States, from start to finish.

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