Sleep Positions: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Sleep Positions: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Your sleep position may be causing you unnecessary sleeplessness, but we have a few tips for improvement…

The Good:  Side sleeping

Side sleeping is generally considered to be the most neutral sleep position because it compliments the natural curve of your spine, especially if you’re sleeping on the right mattress.

Our experts suggest placing a pillow between your legs.  This will help keep you on your side throughout the night, as well as improve the natural alignment of your spine.

The Bad(ish):  Back sleeping

While sleeping on your back can be really good for you (for those of you interested, see our blog post), for certain people, it can also be dangerous.  Sleeping on your back results in your tongue falling loosely to the back of the throat, which increases snoring and can be very dangerous for those suffering from Sleep Apnea, a sleep condition that causes temporary breathlessness.

If you can’t help but sleep on your back, try placing a small pillow beneath your back and another under your knees for your best night’s sleep.

The Ugly:  Stomach sleeping

If you’re a stomach sleeper like myself, you often wake up in the middle of the night to the sensation of your arm being “asleep” instead of you.  This is a result of the position of the neck when sleeping on your stomach, which consequently puts an excess of pressure along your arm, causing you to experience the uncomfortable sensation of pins and needles.  People who sleep on their stomachs wake often during the night and as a result, often miss out on the great night’s sleep that they are looking for.

To correct, our experts suggest using a pillow to raise your hips, and you might even trying not using a pillow for your head at all.

Infographic:  What does your sleep position say about you?
sleep positionCheers and sleep well.