Sleep Cooler and Better on Gel Mattresses and Pillows

Sleep Cooler and Better on Gel Mattresses and Pillows

Why Gel Will Help Transform Your Sleep

Gel is moving to a higher calling (although it does a bang-up job in shoe inserts). From the hair industry to the physical therapy world, gel has been incorporated into a variety of products, but it’s now being used for one of the most important things that a human does in any given day—sleep.

Why keep trying sleep aid after sleep aid when one of the best inventions to come around in the last century can help do the job? From mattresses to pillows, gel is coming to the rescue, and it’s helping millions get better sleep.

Gel mattresses

Bony protrusions, uncomfortable mattress edges, waking up in joint pain…all of that is either reduced or eliminated by a gel mattress. Gel inserts are available with several mattresses currently available, including the ComforPedic Mattresses. Now it’s easier than ever for people who are interested in trying a gel mattress to do so.

With ComforPedic mattresses specifically, the additional gel layer you add is called the “GelTouch” layer. It gives an extra cooling sensation to the body and increased conformability while you sleep. This is without question one of the best things about a gel mattress – it hugs your body like never before, giving you one of the most comfortable sleeping set-ups you’ll experience.