Reserve Duet Mattress Review

Reserve Duet Mattress Review

Reserve Duet Pillow Top Mattress Review

Every mattress inside our showroom and on our website is trying to stand out, the Reserve Duet Luxury Pillow Top Mattress accomplishes this. At first glance, you will notice the elegant velvety design on its borders, reversible pillow top layer, and the signature Fleur-de-lis that give this mattress a fabulously royal appearance. 

The first thing to take note of is the fully removable and reversible pillow top layer. One side matches the appearance of the rest of the mattress with the midnight royal blue color, dashed with sky blue, and salmon. This side is going to be cool to the touch, designed for summer months and hot sleepers. The second side is white and gold in appearance. This side is going to provide a slightly warmer sensation for your cooler months or your sleepers who prefer a cozier surface. 

The air vents on each side of the mattress are also a notable feature provided by Stearns and Foster mattresses. The Reserve Duet has four air vents on each side that allow for the ventilated coil system to allow your mattress to breath all night and not trap excessive heat. There are also dark hand stitched handles on all the mattresses borders that are striped with salmon. These are great for rotating the mattress or adjusting its position. (Please note that these handles are not intended for you to carry the mattress upright.)

When first laying down on the Reserve Duet I observed the absorbent memory foam pillow top layer, immediately followed by the conforming support beneath the pillow top that stops you from falling into the mattress. I can feel the softness on my shoulders while laying on my back, but I also don’t feel my hips sinking. I feel the pressure in my upper back, that often is found only in a firmer mattress. The foam in the pillow top eliminates any gap between my lower back and the mattress. When turning on my side, I feel my shoulders and hips being absorbed as needed and my body stays in alignment. I’m immediately impressed by the level of support beneath the substantial comfort layers. 

The Reserve Duet responds quickly to your pressure and movements, almost like a conventional pillow top, as opposed to a memory foam mattress which can take up to 90 seconds to respond when you adjust your body position. This allows you to experience the benefits of modern technology, while still providing familiar comfort for those who prefer a traditional feel. The latex comfort layers combined with the Intellicoil system provide an ideal support while the reversible and removable pillow top allows for tailor-made comfort suited to your own personal needs.  The PrecisionEdge support system appears unmatched in edge support. Most mattresses use a foam encasement on the edge of the bed, where as the Reserve Duet uses a coil encasement that will hold up substantially better. 

The Reserve Duet mattress by Stearns & Foster boasts a luxurious design and innovative features aimed at providing optimal comfort and support. Its standout features include a removable and reversible pillow top layer, air vents for enhanced breathability, and precision edge support. Here’s a breakdown of its key attributes:

  1. Removable, Reversible Luxury Pillow Top: The mattress offers versatility with a two-sided pillow top layer. One side is designed to keep sleepers cool during warmer months, while the other side provides a warmer sensation for cooler seasons.
  2. Tempur-Indulge Memory Foam Comfort Layers: Crafted by Tempur-Pedic, these memory foam layers offer superior pressure relief and support, conforming to the body’s contours for a comfortable sleep experience.
  3. Supportive Latex Comfort Layers: Latex layers contribute to the mattress’s durability while providing a balanced combination of pressure relief and support.
  4. Intellicoil HD Innersprings with PrecisionEdge Support: The exclusive Intellicoil innerspring system ensures universal support for various body types. The PrecisionEdge Support system utilizes coil encasements for enhanced edge support compared to traditional foam encasements.

Based on user experience and testing, the mattress performs exceptionally well for back sleepers, providing robust support and pressure relief. Side sleepers also benefit from its comfort layers, though individuals with sensitive pressure points may find it slightly firm. Stomach sleepers may experience adequate support but may prefer removing the pillow top layer for a firmer feel.

Back Sleepers: 10/10. The Reserve Duet is the back sleepers dream mattress. The heavy-duty support of the Intellicoil mixed with the pressure relief from the pillow top provide an ideal sleep surface for back sleepers of all sizes. 

Side Sleepers: 8/10. The Reserve Duet will work for a majority of side sleepers. You may test the Reserve Duet and find you need something slightly softer if you have extremely sensitive pressure points.

Stomach Sleepers: 3/10. This mattress may work for some stomach sleepers, however, due to the reversable pillow top layer, you may find it allows for too much absorption. If you removed the pillow top layer, this would be suitable for most stomach sleepers.  Without the pillow top this mattress is an 8/10 for stomach sleepers. 

It’s important to consider personal preferences, body type, and sleep needs when selecting a mattress. Additionally, using compatible bedding accessories, such as the Stearns and Foster Latex + Down blend pillow, can enhance the overall sleep experience. Ultimately, the Reserve Duet mattress offers a blend of innovative technology, premium materials, and customizable comfort options, making it a compelling choice for discerning customers seeking luxury and performance in their sleep surface.

Things to consider: I tested this mattress using the Stearns and Foster Latex + Down blend pillow. This pillow feels very cohesive with the mattress and did a great job both on my back and my side. I’m a 225 lbs. 5”10, male. I sleep on my back and side. We all have different body types, and different sleep needs. This is important to take into consideration when picking out the perfect mattress for YOU!