What’s in a name? ComforPedic can tell you.

What’s in a name? ComforPedic can tell you.

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Mattress names can be confusing. First, mattress manufacturers will give the same model different names depending on which store sells the mattress. (We’ve tried to cut down on the mattress naming confusion by listing the alternate names for each Simmons ComforPedic mattress on our site.)

Then you may find yourself sidetracked by the sometimes exotic or flowery model names. Take the Simmons Beautysleep Mazatlan, for example. The city of Mazatlan is a popular vacation destination in Mexico. It makes sense that going to bed should feel like going on vacation. You typically return well-rested and tan. Your mattress should help you with the well-rested part. You’re on your own for the tan.

But there’s a difference with the new ComforPedic mattress names. They’re a little more descriptive. You can find models labeled Alive, New Life, Nourishing Comfort, and Enlightened Days. That’s because ComforPedic mattresses are built around the concept of helping you enhance your life with better sleep.

ComforPedic mattresses are designed with the latest in mattress technology. It can seem strange that something as seemingly simple as a mattress relies on technology, but when you consider that you spend 1/3 of your life in bed (at least, if you don’t have sleeping problems), it’s just as important for your bed to be up-to-date as it is for your computer operating system or mobile phone.

We’ve talked a little bit already about how the new ComforPedic mattress is designed for cooler, more comfortable sleep. You can read more detail about it in our other blog post, but we’ll recap here. Simmons worked Micro GelTouch beads into a specially formulated layer of AirCool Memory Foam. The combination effectively moves the heat generated by your body as you sleep down and out through the mattress so you stay cool all night. It also relieves pressure by spreading your weight out more evenly. And when you change position, as almost everyone does several times a night, the memory foam springs back more quickly than traditional memory foam, so moving is easier.

As Shakespeare famously wrote, “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Even if the ComforPedic Nourishing Comfort mattress was called the ComforPedic Model 1, it would still provide the same level of restful sleep.