Malouf Gelled Microfiber Pillow

Utilizing one of the thinnest fibers known to man, the Gelled Microfiber pillow offers the luxurious feel and benefits of down, without the odor, allergens and sharp quills. The near-microscopic fibers are coated in gel, creating a consistency that will not clump or shift. Unlike down, the microfiber filling will not flatten over time.

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Product Description

Key Features of the Malouf Gelled Microfiber Pillow

– Filled with gel-coated microfibers
– Luxurious down feel without the odor, allergens and sharp quills
– Consistent filling does not shift or clump and has quick loft recovery
– Naturally hypoallergenic – antimicrobial and dust mite resistant
– Super soft microfiber shell
– Available in king and queen sizes
– 3-Year Warranty