Technogel Mattress Collection

Technogel Mattress

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Introducing the Technogel Mattress Collection. For 23 years Technogel has designed products to make life more comfortable with their patented gel material made in Italy.  Technogel was first developed for the medical field and is now used in a wide range of applications.  Technogel has developed a collection of revolutionary mattresses that provide cooling comfort and ergonomic support scientifically designed and proven to help you sleep better. Experience the first and only gel mattresses with a thick, full body layer of Technogel’s innovative conforming gel. The Technogel Mattress collection features three different gel and core constructions, providing a range of firm and soft beds to meet your preferences.

Technogel Mattress Collection

Technogel Mattress Benefits

3D Deformation

Each Technogel mattress is made with Technogel’s patented ‘soft solid’ gel material that adapts like a liquid while supporting like a solid. This material features a unique 3-dimensional tower grid design that conforms gradually in all directions unique to each individuals shape.

Conforming Pressure Relief

Technogel’s unique multi-directional conforming capabilities provide exceptional pressure relief and comfort like no other material in the sleep industry. Combined with superior memory foams and latex, Technogel mattresses help reduce pain and improve blood circulation so you can sleep deeper and wake up refreshed.

Targeted Ergonomic Support

Technogel mattresses are specifically designed to support a healthy sleeping posture and ergonomic support. A healthy sleeping posture is when your body has even spinal alignment. Even spinal alignment is when your head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles are in line with each other. Sleeping with even spinal alignment will help you toss and turn less, improve circulation, digestion, and your respiratory system so you can sleep deeper and wake up without pain or discomfort.

Cooling Comfort by Nature and Design

The Thermal conductivity of Technogel helps disperse body heat throughout the night and the innovative tower-grid design of Technogel helps promote airflow throughout the surface of the mattress.

Eco and Health Friendly

Technogel is the only polyurethane gel made without plasticizer oils. It is a non-toxic, practically odorless, biocompatible soft-solid gel that is resilient to hardening or softening due to temperature or age.

Clinical Tests

Technogel mattresses will help you get deeper sleep. Clinical tests have proven that these mattresses help decrease the time spent in light sleep by as much as 33% while increasing deep sleep up to 45%.


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