Technogel Deluxe Pillow Queen


The Technogel Deluxe Pillow is a big pillow with a unique support technology. Semi-solid gel filling conforms your head and neck and also disperses heat to keep you cool all night. The taller profile is perfect for side sleepers or people with bigger frames.

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Product Description

You want the benefits of a pillow with conforming properties, but you dont want to give up the luxury of a thick, fluffy pillow. The Technogel Deluxe Pillow Queen by Dr. Scholls gives you the best of both worlds. A traditional shape with a little extra fluff, the Technogel Deluxe is perfect for side sleepers and those with a larger frame. The unique, semi-solid gel supports your head, neck, and shoulders with more stability than memory foam. Technogel also keeps your sleeping temperature stable by moving extra heat away from your core. The hygienic gel pad is impenetrable, so your pillow wont house as much dust and micro-organisms the way a traditional pillow does. The protective covers are equally hygienic and comfortable, and the entire Technogel Deluxe Pillow by Dr. Scholls is hypo-allergenic.

Recommended for:

The Technogel Deluxe Pillow features a traditional shape and is recommended for those people who prefer thick pillows and who sleep primarily in lateral position or have a medium to large body conformation.

For those who like a big, thick, lush pillow.

About Technogel Pillows:

Technogel is a unique ‘soft solid’ material that joins together the 3D deformation of a fluid and the memory shape of a solid. The compact material is non-toxic, odorless and does not contain any volatile components which means it doesn’t harden, age or change its mechanical properties over time. It’s special composition makes it the only tridimensional material for sleeping.and provides the highest level of conformability to the head, neck and shoulders. Thanks to its slow memory return to the original shape, it is an extraordinary therapeutic pressure relieving material, that helps to reduces pain and discomfort. The Technogel Deluxe Pillow provides a cooling sensation which can alleviate headaches and keep you cool while you sleep.Its high thermal conductivity helps lowering skin temperature with benefits to blood circulation and tissues oxygenation.

Key Features of the Technogel Deluxe Pillow Queen:

3D Deformation
Technogel is the only tridimensional material for sleeping. The Technogel layer, joined with the memory foam,adjusts in a gradual way adapting to each individuals shape.

Enjoyable Cool Feeling
Technogel’s high thermal conductivity favors heat dispersion, helping to lower skin temperature and offering a pleasant cool feeling.

Pressure Relief
Thanks to its slow memory return, Technogel is an extraordinary pressure relieving material, that helps to reduce pain and discomfort, improving blood circulation and oxygenation of skin tissue.

Ergonomic Support
The Technogel pillow range has been designed to grant an excellent ergonomic support, for a perfect support of the head and neck, keeping an optimum spine alignment.

Hygienically Safe
The Technogel pillow grants a superior level of hygiene, as nothing can penetrate through it’s surface.

Technogel, its protection film (both bio-compatible under ISO 10993-5-1-10 regulations) and all the textile used (certified under rigorous Oeko Tex standards) are hypo-allergenic and assure an hygienic surface where to rest your head.

Laboratory tests have demonstarted that Technogel easily over takes and outlasts the other materials used in the market

Textile Covers
Original protective jersey covers have been selected for their high quality and hygienic characteristics, assured by a special treatment named Sanitized. The second zipped cover, included in the Technogel box, assures a perfect feeling for your new pillow and can be easily washed (following the care instructions included).


Additional Information

Dimensions 26 x 16 x 5.5 cm