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Extra Firm Mattress
Extra Firm Mattresses typically have the least amount of comfort foams and padding layers, making them the hardest mattresses available with the least amount of “give” on the surface.  These beds are commonly referred to as “non-pillow top” mattresses and are the least susceptible to body impressions.  Often times, sleepers will add mattress toppers or overlays to create a softer sleep surface, thus minimizing the “board like” feel.

Typically recommended for Stomach Sleepers.

Firm Mattress
Firm mattresses are non-pillow tops and are very similar to Extra Firm models except that they contain a larger percentage of cushioning; meaning the Firm Mattress contains more padding than the Extra Firm Mattress.  This provides sleepers a hard surface with solid support underneath.  Firm Mattresses may be available in a variety of options, including; Luxury Firm (enhanced comfort materials) and Cushion Firm (more soft).

Typically recommended for Stomach and Back Sleepers.

Plush Firm Mattress
Plush Firm Mattresses are one of the most popular comfort levels. Plush is generally defined as medium comfort and Plush Firm refers to medium comfort with a firmer surface. These are non-pillow top mattresses, but utilize more foam than a Firm Mattress.

Typically recommended for Stomach, Side and Back Sleepers.

Plush Mattress
Plush Mattresses are best defined as medium comfort and a “compromise” between partners with different sleeping styles. Plush Mattresses have more padding and comfort materials than a Firm Mattress.  They are designed to provide a happy medium between firms and pillow tops. They may be similar in feel to some pillow tops but the extra layers of padding are less visible because they are built into the surface instead of layered over the finished surface.  Plush Mattresses come in a variety of options:  Plush Firm (medium firm), Ultra Plush (more soft), Deluxe Plush (enhanced materials), Luxury Plush (enhanced materials).

Typically recommended for Back and Side Sleepers.

Pillow Top Mattress
Pillow Top Mattresses are generally the softest and thickest types of mattresses. A pillow top refers to an attached pillow-like “top” which can consist of multiple comfort foams designed to provide a softer feel without diminishing support.  Pillow tops usually provide more cushioning than a Firm or Plush Mattress. It is important to understand when the word “firm” and “plush” are associated with the word “pillow top”. In some cases, a “firm pillow top” or “plush firm pillow top” can be firmer or more supportive than a regular “plush” or “ultra plush” mattress even though it is a pillow top. “Plush pillow tops” are typically the softest choices.

Typically Recommended for Back and Side Sleepers.

Euro Top Mattress
Euro Top Mattresses have a slightly different design element and can differ in comfort compared to a standard pillow top.   A Euro top is stitched directly to the mattress top with no additional materials or gap between the top layer and mattress itself. Linens generally fit these better than traditional pillow tops.

Typically Recommended for Back and Side Sleepers.

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