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At Sleep City we understand that selecting the right comfort level is essential to a good night’s rest. We also understand that comfort can be interpreted in different ways and with different body types, shapes, sizes, and weights. There once was a time where mattresses were either firm or soft. The industry has since evolved and now offers many specific comfort levels within the firm and soft spectrum.  Finding the right comfort level can be simple and easy by using our mattress rating system.

There are 3 ways to help determine comfort:

  • 10-100 Comfort Rating (10 being the firmest, 100 being the softest, etc…)
  • Specific Comfort Terms & Tailoring (ex. firm, plush firm, firm pillow top, etc.) view page
  • Sleep Positions view page

Sleep City’s 10-100 Comfort Rating
Sleep City’s 10-100 rating system is not an official rating system from the manufacturer.  We base our rating system from data acquired through customer feedback, employee testing, opinions of doctors and other health professionals.

10. Most Firm Mattress – Like Sleeping on a Cement Floor
Imagine sleeping directly on your garage floor when you think of a mattress with a rating of 10. You’re not likely to find a mattress that can actually deliver a surface that firm, but you need a reference point to measure each mattress against. Theoretically, a mattress rated 10 has no give or flex when you lie down.

20 ­- 40 Very Hard Mattress – Like Carpet Over Wood or Cement Floor
Now move your imaginary sleeping self to your bedroom floor, which likely is a layer of wood with a carpet covering. If your bedroom floor doesn’t have carpet, imagine yourself a nice rug. Some people prefer to sleep on extremely firm surfaces and wake up feeling refreshed. Other people experience joint or muscle pain. If you’re one of the former, then a mattress with a comfort rating of 20 to 40 would be ideal for you. These mattresses give just a bit when you settle in, but mostly feel firm to very hard.

40 – 60 Mid-Range Mattress – Something for People at Each End of the Scale
Before you envision yourself sleeping in another unlikely location, ask yourself this: Do you have a hard time determining whether you like a thick layer of cushioning or an ultra-firm surface? More importantly do you prefer one style and does your partner prefer another? Learn the art of compromise, and look at a mid-range mattress with a comfort rating of 40-60. Mattresses rated 40-60 are also perfect for your guest room.

70 – 90 Soft Mattress – Lots of Give
Confession time: how many layers of cushion have you added to your mattress? Feather bed? Memory foam layer? Another foam layer? If you’re always on the lookout for another way to add fluff, look for a mattress with a comfort scale rating of 70 to 90. Lay on one of these mattresses, and feel yourself float on a soft pile. Most of the mattresses you’ll see rated 70-90 are pillow tops, but you may find some beds labeled “plush” that qualify as well.

100 Super Soft Mattress – Practically Weightless
If you were sleeping in space or underwater, where you feel very little resistance or weight, you could classify that as a 100 rating. Similar to the mattress rated 10, you won’t find a mattress that’s a real 100. There is also a lot of debate on the softest mattress in the industry. For our purposes, we use the 100 rating to give you a relative idea of how soft a mattress is compared to the others available.

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