Comfortaire Mattress

Comfortaire Air Mattress introduced its basic air bed design over 28 years ago and today it remains the industry standard. The original Comfortaire Mattress design focus was on an independently adjustable surface by utilizing latex-cotton air chambers. While this design is functionally adequate and was adopted by its competitors, it does leave room for improvement. With this design the air chambers can be over-deflated which results in the loss of support critical to proper postural alignment.

For 30 years, Comfortaire’s strength has been innovation and product development. Comfortaire’s® Modern Air Bed Technology™ incorporates patented designs and proprietary materials to revolutionized tired industry standard designs. They introduced urethane alloy air chambers which have decreased the dependence on the industry standard latex-cotton air chambers and allowed Comfortaire™ to offer you a better warranty than Sleep Number Bed®. Comfortaire’s Air Mattresses have a Whisperflo Comfort Control™ air control system with 100 digital Comfort Settings™ which was the first in the marketplace to include one touch memory and instant fill buttons.  Try a Comfortaire Mattress today!

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