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Sleep City Beautyrest mattress Triton foundation

Bed Basics: Compare Mattress Foundations

After learning how to compare springs and upholstery layers in mattresses, it’s hard to imagine comparing mattress foundations could be as complicated. After all, you don’t lay directly on the foundation, so how much of a role can it play? Well, believe it or not, the right foundation can add to your mattress’ lifespan and more »

Top 5 Beds to Reduce Snoring

Do you have a snoring problem? Snoring happens for lots of reasons, and one of them could be your mattress. If it isn’t supportive enough, or if it causes you to sleep in the wrong position, your bed might be part of your problem. Check out our list of top five beds to reduce snoring.

Green mattress!

A famous frog once said, “It ain’t easy being green.” And now that so many people are trying to make more environmentally-friendly purchasing decisions, we can commiserate more with that poor little puppet. You might wonder how it’s even possible to make a green or organic mattress, aside from stuffing leaves into a cotton sack more »

In honor of the Winter Olympics, the experts here at Sleep City just wanted to remind everyone (particularly athletes) to make sure they are getting enough sleep!  It’s no secret that athletes need even more sleep than the recommended amount.  7-9 hours just isn’t enough when it comes to .  Here’s how not getting enough more »