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Sleeping Student

Sleep Tips for Students

Summer is nearing its end, and the start of the school year is upon us.  While most students are merely dreading Hamlet, Russian History, or even that summer math assignment that they procrastinated until the night before, what they may forget is that the start of every new school year brings another issue:  an impending more »

Sleeping is Nice

To sleep, perchance to Dream…

Aye, there’s the rub. – William Shakespeare People have been talking and exploring sleep since the beginning of time.  This morning I have collected a few of my favorite things they have had to say about it… Sleep is the best meditation – Dalai Lama Indeed, sleep is the period during which your brain processes more »


Woman Drives 200 Miles…Asleep!

We’ve all heard the expression, “I could do that in my sleep.”  Of course, most of us are exaggerating when we make a claim like that.  Astonishingly, a woman in New Zealand actually proved that she could do that in her sleep, that being drive nearly 200 miles around New Zealand. The so far unnamed more »

Phillips Wake-Up Light

Utilize Technology for Better Sleep

I know, I know.  You’ve heard it a million times:  put technology away at night if you hope to have good sleep hygiene. While it is true that technology can negatively impact your quality of sleep if used in the wrong way, it can also be extremely useful.   Techies all over the world have been more »

Sleepless Children

Sleep Tips for Sleepless Kids

Having trouble getting your kids to stay asleep? I’m here to help.  Unfortunately I must admit that I was definitely one of those troublesome kids who refused to stay in bed at night.  Although this was quite a few years ago, I can still recall my insistence on wanting to stay awake and my parents’ more »